Wednesday, February 25, 2009

virtual anti patterns

I've previously written about the password anti-pattern, so it is distressing to see it becoming the standard in virtual worlds as well. James just posted about what would otherwise be a w00t-worthy event from the bright folks at realXtend, direct teleportation between Second Life-compatible virtual wrolds!

Very cool stuff, except for:

When you click the link, the viewer brings up a log-in window; enter in the avatar name and password associated with the other world you're going to, and the teleport process begins. [emphasis mine]


What makes this all the more distressing is that two years ago, Mark Lentczner, Ian Wilkes, and I designed the solution to this on a whiteboard. We had recognized that between OpenSim and whatever came next, that there would be a critical need to enable interoperation through communication/shared presence. It also provided a nice model for scalability, not to mention allowing for deeper interconnections between Second Life and the rest of the web. It has influenced internal design discussions, as well as the standards efforts, but hasn't moved fast enough to be available to projects like realXtend, which is too bad.