Friday, January 11, 2008

adding an emmy to the list

The rest of the Second Life blogosphere already got this, but Second Life just won an Emmy! More specifically, the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for Best Use of Commercial Advertising on Stand-Alone Broadband Devices (Personal Computers)" went to the L Word in Second Life, which was created by the Electric Sheep Company.

I am particularly thrilled to see this because I introduced Sibley to Second Life at the 2004 Accelerating Change conference, where I also met Jerry Paffendorf, Randal Moss, Jeremy Bailenson, and John Smart, all names familiar to those playing in and studying virtual worlds. Back then, Sibley was attacking a Holy Grail computer science problem -- video search -- at StreamSage, but being a bright fellow, he was already looking around for his next project. We kept talking and meeting until the timing was right for Electric Sheep to launch. I'm thrilled I was able to play a part in bringing Sibley into this space!

Reading the rest of the press release, it appears Second Life received a second Emmy, for "User Generated Content -- Game Modification"! Congrats, Linden!

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