Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the dnc should stop huffing glue

The Democratic National Committee seems determined to make the 2008 Presidential election as close as possible. That is rather sporting of them and the Republican candidates must be pleased. US voters had already sent an amazingly clear message to Washington about their preferences in the 2006 mid-term elections. The Democratic Congressional leadership ignored that message, but despite that, a strong set of Democratic candidates seem well positioned to win the Presidency this fall. To do that -- if the past few elections are any indication -- two critical states will be Michigan and Florida. Two states where Democratic candidates will use the primaries to get their messages out to independent and moderate voters.

Wait a minute.

The DNC stripped both Florida and Michigan of their electoral delegates because they moved their primaries up. As a result, the Democratic candidates chose not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. For the last several months, independent and moderate Republican voters received a barrage of advertising from the Republican candidates without the normal simultaneous info spam form the Democrats. Staff on the ground will not have been actively running a campaign, building the expertise and toughness needed for the general election.

I wonder what impact on opinions that will have. Whether appeasing Iowa and New Hampshire will have been worth it.

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Tim Allen / FlipperPA said...

I facepalmed at this 'punishment' as well. What a ridiculous thing to do; you're punishing the citizens of the state, not the group who wanted to eschew tradition to move up their primaries. This is one of the main reasons I remain independent - the Democrats consistently demonstrate their ability to shoot themselves in their feet and get in the way of any real progress. Why is it that we are supposed to be leaders of freedom and fairness, yet we've never had anyone but old white dudes as president, and can't seem to handle the concept for more than two parties? I hear talk around my office about nervousness about a female president being soft, or a young black president without experience. My response? Maggie Thatcher sure wasn't soft, and Mary Robinson managed to bring peace and prosperity to Ireland. Barack Obama is already significantly older than Martin Luther King, Jr. was when he was assassinated. Look at what the status quo of 'old white dude' presidents has gotten us, Democrats; you have a real opportunity to not shoot yourselves, and America, in the foot for once. Please don't blow it.