Saturday, January 26, 2008

how have i not seen indexed?

Viral propagation is a funny thing. If you've been infected, odds are you got it from a friend, so most of the people you know also know about the meme/blog/trend you just learned about. If you haven't been infected, there's every possibility none of your friends have either. This is why I'm not surprised when I meet people who haven't heard of Second Life. Sure 12 million people have signed up and it has had a ton of media attention, but ultimately most of its spread is viral. With over 1.25 billion web users, the vast majority still haven't heard of it.

But, I'm still a little surprised that I hadn't seen "Indexed" before this. It hits the same geek insight chord that xkcd does -- although I've not read enough of indexed to know whether a 2001 meets Portal mashup is likely. If you know me or are reading this blog, you'll be happy I've infected you.

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