Sunday, March 09, 2008

forks in the road

Some travel, APOC, and the flu all conspired to interrupt my studying process, so as I carve out some time this week I find myself at a major fork in the road. On the one hand, I could return to my original plan of building a simple LAMP + AJAX web application, probably then rebuilding it with some different back end options. On the other hand, I'm itching to play with Flash and Action Script 3, and have a an application or two in mind that would be fun to build. Finally, on the third hand you humans are missing, the Apple iPhone SDK came out with a great development environment and simulator.

Decisions, decisions.


TrevorFSmith said...

I, for one, am learning ObjC and the Xcode toolchain.

That thing's got OpenGL|ES, OpenAL, and WebKit.


cory ondrejka said...

Annoyingly, the simulator doesn't seem to support GL, yet. Agree, it is sort of swoontastic...