Thursday, November 20, 2008


Having used every tool around during distributed development for Second Life, I am jazzed to finally see people moving in the direction of EtherPad. Real-time, collaborative text editing on the web done really well. Plus, from quick mucking around, it seems to work in the SL browser.

So, collaborative text editing in Second Life. Very big deal.


David M. said...

I was in SL today testing this neat little applet and some possible uses including interactive chat systems that could be used by the blind, deaf or speaking impaired. It seemed to work fine using the internal SL mini browser except when I close the browser on my client it seems to not want to disconnect the session. But using any of my external browsers it works as you would imagine. Other than that it seems to be a handy little system with tons of uses. I am building a FREE gridwide network kiosk so people can touch it and register with a in world server (just by touching it) then they will get their own unique Etherpad ID to use for them or their group use. They can at any time touch any kiosk in world to re register for a new EtherPad URL. They could then use that URL in world in notecards or even on parcel media for posting LIVE notes. All in all it is a nice little tool to throw at many little problems. I would like to see a live colaborative webpad like this with the additional feature of live drawing window. They already exist and I have tried them but they all seem to have some small quirks with the internal SL mini browser. But thank you for the heads up on this cool tool and the hours of fun cobbling it together with other 3rd party apps.

David M.
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David M. said...

Oh neat! Some more SL internal browser friendly a way to build your own!

Tennis Match Observation :p

To-Do List Example

Build your own SL Internal Browser friendly APP