Wednesday, October 08, 2008

digital music forum west

Last week I walked off a plane from London and gave my first music industry talk, an evening keynote at Digital Music Forum West in Los Angeles that ended just as the Biden-Palin debate was starting up. Fun talk to prep for, as the last 3 months at EMI have been such a "drinking from the firehouse"-experience that synthesizing all the data into a brief enough format was tricky, but the experiences of building Second Life -- particularly user-driven innovation and the tremendous explosion of music within SL -- provided the right scaffolding to build around.

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Peter Jeffe said...

Hey Cory, I really enjoyed your presentation at DMF, it definitely brought a fresh perspective, and I couldn't agree more that this is the best time to be in music. As in any disruptive change there are winners and losers, but the opportunities for artists and fans to connect to each other are so much greater now, it is really opening up the space in a way that would never be possible without all that web 2.0 stuff underneath.

I'm also coming to the music industry from a different direction--I've worked my whole life in enterprise software until I left Symantec (previously Veritas) to help launch the MixZing music discovery platform, and I'm having a blast. I was constantly reminded at DMF how much more fun it was attending a trade show for the music industry than it was all those years doing system management and enterprise backup shows. :-)

And kudos on the McCain post too--they really should be ashamed. I seem to remember something about running a campaign based on straight talk about the issues...who was it who said that again?