Thursday, April 24, 2008

apoc week 13 aka the future of virtual worlds

This week was the 7th, and final, of my Annenberg faculty lectures. It was by far the most challenging and most fun of the lectures to put together. A look into the future. My guesses as to where this all is going. While I posted some of my early thoughts on Monday, the full talk goes quite a bit further.

The trends fit together rather nicely, I think, and expose some of the false dichotomies that currently limit our thinking. Rich, always-on, networked, wearable sensors are a natural extension of bluetooth headsets, combined with cracking the mobile display challenge, mean that divisions between "mirror world" and "fantasy world" or "life logging" and "game" crumble. Accurate location and pointing information in a head-mounted display combined with crowd sourcing and filtering makes augmented, blended, and alternate realities basic parts of communication, collaboration, work, and play.

This is going to happen.

It's only a matter of whether Microsoft, Nokia, Google, or some startup is going to demonstrate it first.


Robbie Kiama said...

at first I was frightened of 168 slides... but they proved so worth the time. Great look into the future

Btw - metaLIFE ( ) is already starting to blend virtual and real social networking and life-logging aspects( you mentioned that in your slideshow )

TrevorFSmith said...

Before a new storm I like to read aloud Rilke's "The Man Watching" with someone I love, share a really good bottle of wine, then get a good nights sleep.

Good luck with your new storm.

Hiro Pendragon said...

Bravo, nice presentation, and nice predictions.

Dominik said...

Dear Cory,

Thank you for this post. Great insights on this fascinating topic.

From the content creation side, how do you see the role of "procedural modeling"? You mentioned it on slide 95, but could you specify this a bit more?

Kind regards from Switzerland,


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