Saturday, April 05, 2008

the best pizza you won't ever find (but should)

I was in Brooklyn today visiting the Wello folks when lunchtime rolled around. Someone suggested hitting a new pizza joint they hadn't tried yet, Roberta's. As you can see, no expense was spared on the facade and entry:

However, appearances can be deceiving.

The worst pizza in New York is better than the best pizza anywhere else, so I'm not the best judge, but wow was their pizza good. Cooked in a wood-fired oven imported from Italy, the pizza's range from deliciously traditional margherita to a pile of whimsically named originals. My favorite was "The Goblin," a pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, jalapeƱos, and ricotta. As the New York Times noted, the "Guanciale and Egg" is amazing -- and would be a killer breakfast :-)! Great ingredients, beautifully prepared. And easy to get to off the L.

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It was so good we ate ourselves silly. Do yourself a favor and find your way out to Roberta's, you won't be disappointed.

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Flipper Peregrine said...

New York's pizza is good, but not quite as good as Philly's, in my opinion. Of course, there are a lot of bad pizza places in both regions. Philadelphia has more pizza places per capita than anywhere in the world; while we all know quantity != quality, there are a lot of great styles and excellent parlors throughout the city. My favorites: Mister P's, Roxborough Area, Ridge Ave at Domino Lane. Overbrook Pizza, 63rd Street at Overbrook Ave. Joe's Pizza, 16th & Sansom. Lorenzo's Pizza (don't even bother asking for toppings - they'll kick you out!), 2nd and South Street. If you're ever in town, check out one of those!