Saturday, February 16, 2008

brand connection

Reuben Steiger just gave an amazing stat from the "60+" campaigns that Millions of Us have run:

The average user spends 3 to 24 hours engaged with a brand over the course of a campaign
That is an astoundingly large number. It also speaks to how different virtual world marketing will need to be compared to web marketing.


Mark Brown said...

I am sitting in SL attempting to listen to your Metaverse U panel discussion with that rambling beard guy and in over his head Howard.. and we got about 10 mins of it before the stream failed.. ;( looked interesting.. any chance of posting the salient points?


Susanna Hendy said...

Mark: There is a Wiki that you can probably see through that contains attendee's notes from the conference. You might want to check it out.

tolbaphanem said...

Trying to find a way to speak with you in email please. Need to know the answer to chicken and egg question about the Flying Spaggetti Monster avatar.
Hope you don't mind me bugging you.

Ivy Lane