Saturday, February 02, 2008

making a hp 3055 all-in-one work with os x leopard over the network

One of the unexpected impacts of being on my own was the need to scan and fax documents. After a bit of research -- not enough, as it turns out -- I grabbed the HP 3055 at the local Staples. I picked the HP because I don't need color printing but do regularly need to scan more than one page. Also, it has an ethernet port, so I could just plug it into my home network.

Alas, while I did peruse Amazon's ratings and comments, I didn't do the critical Google search:

hp 3055 os x
Where the first result is a link to the Apple Support pages where people are complaining that the scan function doesn't work under Leopard. The thread is marked as being solved, but as far as I can determine, they are lying, since the neither solution worked for me.
  1. Use older version of HP scanning software
  2. Run HP Scan under Rosetta
The Rosetta solution didn't work for me and I couldn't find the older HP Scan software. However, I know that something in Bonjour changed for Leopard, since it caused my Infrant Ready NAS problems as well. What if Bonjour changes are impacting the scan function?

So, if you go to System Preferences -> Print & Fax and click on the "+" to add a printer, under the default option, the Bonjour printer pops up right away. However, if you wait for about 15 seconds, the printer will also show up as a Network Printer. Select that one. Then run HP's Setup Assistant and put in the IP address of the Network Printer and voila, everything works.

Me thinks something changed in Bonjour!

So, to recap, to get your HP 3055 to properly scan under OS X 10.5 Leopard:
  1. Use System Preferences -> Print & Fax to remove the Bonjour printer
  2. Click the "+" to add a new printer
  3. Wait until the Network Printer shows up as an option, then select it
  4. Now run HP's setup, reference the printer via IP address
Hopefully this will get fixed for real. Lots of long, angry threads on both HP and Apple's forums.


gofigures said...

I have an all in one (different model) that never worked with Tiger, so I keep an old laptop on Panther just to scan. I must have spent several days trying every which way to connect it. I'll still never buy HP again, but if this fix works for me, it will stave off the day where it meets an "Office Space" style ending.

ds said...

Do you have your printer connected with USB or ethernet or both?

If you only have it connected via ethernet, are you able to scan that way?

cory ondrejka said...

Yes, it is connected via ethernet and I am able to scan.

gbdz said...

Thanks loads.
On my Intel Mac with 10.5.1 got the printer and the scanner working OK after Rosetta box was checked in the HP Director and HP Scan.

My G4 pBook does not have any Rosetta boxes available. It does not scan, either. Or it does, but not with HP manager.

I just wonder why didn't HP or Apple bother to tell us how.

Or was it so obvious?

walder said...

Thank you very much for this tipp. I finally managed to get the scanner to work. I followed your instruction on adding the printer as an IP printer, but I had to enable the Rosetta option on the HP to get the scanner to work.

zelik said...

Yes, this all works! But you MUST enable Rosetta (find HP, Get Info, Open using Rosetta).

noxlady said...

Here's how I got the 3055 to work over the network using Mac OS !0.5.2:

1. Uninstall all the printers & faxes associated with the 3055 in the System Preferences: Printers panel.
2. Download the latest driver for 10.4 from HP -- it weighs in at about 125 MB.
3. Install the drivers, and let it restart your computer (actually, I had to restart it myself, but whatever:)
4. While the computer is rebooting, wander over to the HP 3055 and use the arrow & ok buttons to print out Reports: Network. You'll find the printer's IP address on the piece of paper it spits out :)
5. On restart, the HP Assistant will appear and help you choose your printer. Rather than picking your printer from the list, click the "create" button to type in the 3055's IP address (that you found on the report).
6. Do a spotlight search for HP Scan and get info on the HP Scan app (you can just type command-I while it's highlighted in the spotlight menu). Check the box that says "Open using Rosetta". (Otherwise it doesn't seem to launch properly).
7. Bada bing! Scanning should now work in HP's Scan software. For me, at least, the create button + Rosetta was the magic bullet.

fireloins said...

Unfortunately this doesn't work for PowerPC macs (since they don't have the ability to use the Rosetta emulation layer). Has anyone been able to make a G4 or G5 mac scan using a 3055 under Leopard?

Sasha said...

please check out HP website, it has been updated with drivers for 10.5 and all proceeding drivers removed. I have yet to try it, as the workaround suggested above was working fine for me.

PacoBell said...

The new driver actually functions fine on OS X 10.5.2 for scanning without all the funky workarounds. Finally!