Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Ze Frank just posted a collection of thoughts on the creative process. They're interesting and make for a fun read. While reading them, however, I was struck by the most meta-geek-fandom moment ever:

< zomg > I'm on the same page as Jonathan Coulton < /zomg >
See, Coulton's music is on all the time in our house because it is my daughter's favorite. Watching a four year old dancing around the house to "shop vac" and "chiron beta prime" is about the cutest thing ever.

Even if some of the lyrics will get me called into a parent-teacher conference.

And, yes, I know, Coulton has done a concert in Second Life but this is cooler.

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Hiro Pendragon said...

... and Clay Shirkey. How's that for irony? :)